Breakthrough Regret: to Ultimate Freedom

Live the Life of Your Dreams…

free from regret, worry, and guilt. Now you can eliminate harmful and toxic emotions by finding your inner freedom. One simple mind change that puts you in harmony with nature is all it takes. Go far beyond the band-aids and panaceas that therapists and mental health practitioners offer.

Award-winning author David A. Shiang shows how you can gain true liberation from the ghosts that continue to haunt you. Now you can put an end to thoughts like “why didn’t I do otherwise?” and “coulda, woulda, shoulda.”

Odds are high that the logical and elegant solutions Shiang presents to our deepest riddles will cause you to rethink your most fundamental beliefs.

Praise for “God Does Not Play Dice

“Very provocative, erudite, and solidly based on intelligent and logical thinking! Congratulations on making an excellent contribution to understanding the role of a higher intelligence in organizing the affairs of the universe!”

-Pat McGovern, IDG Founder and Chairman, Co-founder of The McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT

“A fascinating book. Shiang makes you examine the fundamentals of science.” 

– Andrew S. Chen, Cosmologist and Former MIT Physics Professor