7 Critical Marketing Sales & Marketing Mistakes

New Entrepreneurs Make

Many entrepreneurs build better mousetraps only to find out that no one has any mice. Many professionals such as lawyers, healers, and software developers have a “build it and they will come” attitude. Then discover an indifferent market.

If you don’t promote your company as the “obvious choice”, you’ll haemorrhage your biggest asset – your customers.
Sales and marketing are the lifeblood of any company. Many companies make these common mistakes that sabotage their success. What is your marketing IQ?

First you must understand that every business needs to learn how to sell with words – Marketing.

The only purpose of marketing in your business is…

  • To create curiosity to help your audience make a decision to buy.
  • Improve your brand recognition
  • To give the reader a reason to buy from you.
  • Some would argue it is to entertain your audience. However, marketing is
    …“not to interest, please or amuse.
  • Is not to please the hoi-polloi. Marketing a serious subject – the subject of money spending.
    And you address a restricted minority.”
    ~ Claude Hopkins

In this report I’ll reveal the common marketing mistakes most business owners make…