The Only Breakthrough Marketing System Designed To…

…increase your cash flow… profit margins and…working capital by 20 to 100% 

  •  in as little as 60 to 90 days 

  •  without borrowing and 

  •  without spending more money on advertising.

…with a step by step system that is easy to implement and guaranteed to work…

I’m Rick McCulloch… The founder and CEO of wiiFM Strategic Marketing & Communications. I’m going to introduce you to a marketing acceleration system… For converting more leads into more customers and more sales.

Before I do… Here’s where it all started…

By 2010, I’d been in the oil and gas industry for over 25 years. Later I was a team lead… Developing software for a small private consulting firm. I’d always had an interest in developing systems… for helping businesses to simplify processes. This led me to my current path of coaching and marketing

This led me to a marketing and coaching path….with no destination….road signs….or compass. My biggest problem was that I was not clear about how to uncover my prospect’s problems….and clearly, state how I could solver them. And it was putting me DEEPER in debt.

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Our sales, and activities increased by 20%.

Amador Guillergan


Made us look reall hard at the way we do things and were able to identify the problem we had and fix it within minutes.

Jim Linnell


Rick McCulloch, Founder, C.E.O.

Is an Author, and a speaker. His specialty is helping businesses grow by providing repeatable systems and tools to help them answer their customers’ top of mind question: “What’s in it for me?”. He is a self-taught entrepreneur having studied marketing and business masters such as Brian Tracy, Jeffery Gitomer, David Allen, Jay Abrahams, Meir Ezra, JTFoxx, Charlie Cook, David Neagle and Perry Marsha, Gary Bencivenga.

He has published two books: “Timeless Commandments for Entrepreneurial Success” and “On Target. Mastering the Four Pillars of Business Success”, the latter co-authored with David Shiang, who is also Rick’s business coach, mentor and partner.

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David Shiang, Managing Director

Specializes in helping clients make quantum leaps in their businesses and personal lives. He has broad experience in marketing, strategy, coaching, consulting, research, and education. He began teaching marketing in 1989, designing programs for companies such as GE, Chase, and DuPont. He was VP of Software Consulting with a division of IDG, a $3 billion global technology media, research, and event company.

He has worked with global entrepreneurs such as Catherine Newton ( as well as companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and HP. He co-hosted The Heroine’s Journey in 2014 and Skyrocket Your Success 2013, a 3-day entrepreneurial marketing summit. He has presented at The Billionaire Event with George Ross.

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