Insights to More Profits

When you embrace the philosophy that

the Purpose of Business is to Provide Value to Others

  you are on the pathh to creating an abundant life for you and those you serve. “Insights  to More Profits” is a set of tools to help you achieve your goals and create lives of abundance. 

Stop Bleeding Your Time

Watch How You Spend Your Time and Track the Results of Your Activities Does this sound familiar? You spend your day running around and are crazy busy, and when the day ends, you wonder how you accomplished anything. “Where did they go?” you ask yourself. If this...

Accelerate Your Success

You can avoid the dismal fate of most small businesses. But you won't find a foolproof plan anywhere, despite what a lot of people will tell you. (Do you know why nothing is foolproof? Because fools are so ingenious.) In order to succeed in today's world of...

Sales, Marketing, and Money

Nothing happens until someone sells something. Attributed to Thomas Watson, Sr., founder of IBM Everyone knows what sales is Sales is what makes the cash register ring, although these days not everyone may know what a cash register is. Sales is revenue, the top line,...

Do You Make These Mistakes in Sales and Marketing

Detailed discussion Many entrepreneurs build better mousetraps only to find out that no one has any mice. Many professionals from lawyers to healers to software developers have a “build it and they will come” attitude, only to be rudely awakened by an indifferent...

Smart Insights

Defining marketing is a little trickier, and even at Fortune 100 companies, the role of marketing isn't always clear. Often sales take the lead and marketing plays a supporting or subordinate role. That is partly because sales are very easy to measure: either you have...

First Pillar to Success

The first pillar, the first critical foundation for your business, is your Message. Regardless of whether you offer products or services, your business begins with what you say and how you say it. You need to communicate with the use of words, numbers, and pictures....

Stop doing Certain Activities

In Addition to outsourcing some task or finding partners to take care of them, there are probably specific tasks that you should stop doing. Period. We as a whole, realize that there are many tasks and activities that need to be done. What a significant number of us...

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