Does your business give you all the success, freedom, and happiness you desire?


If the answer is no, you may be missing Your Unique Selling Proposition, also called your USP, which is a key component that will skyrocket your success.

Your USP, will attract your ideal target client like a magnet. They’ll know exactly what you stand for and why they should … or shouldn’t … do business with you. Most businesses don’t stand out from others in their industry, dooming them to mediocrity.

A USP involves transforming your hidden assets into something the customer wants.

Let me give you an example of how one company developed a compelling USP and transformed its industry. For years, the dominant player in the retail pizza market was Pizza Hut, the Goliath of the industry. They had great pizza, great service, and the three most important things in retail: location, location, location.

But a small company discovered something that Pizza Hut didn’t, by asking one simple question, “What does the customer really want?” After two years of careful study, their simple and stunningly effective answer to that still sounds familiar today:

“Hot and fresh in 30 minutes… or it’s free.”

Domino’s Pizza achieved exponential growth in their market by controlling the location that was most important to the customer…

…their own front door.

By reinventing the rules, David dropped Goliath.

Uber and Air B ‘n B are two recent examples of companies that transformed hidden assets – unused car capacity and spare rooms – into lucrative businesses. They took the ordinary and made it extraordinary.

Most businesses have only a me too, rudderless, nondescript, unappealing business that relies solely upon the sheer momentum of the marketplace. There’s nothing to differentiate them —no reason to buy from them.

We can help you get more from your business … and your life … than you ever thought possible by helping you master fundamentals like your Unique Selling Proposition and your strategy… anchors that tie together all your sales and marketing initiatives so you’re not shooting in the dark.

Rick McCulloch and his partner, have been helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses for decades, working with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries.

In our book “On Target, Mastering the Four Pillars of Business Success we describe the four pillars and show you how to use them to skyrocket your business.

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The Four Pillars You Must Master to Grow Your Business

Message – Why buy from you

How to answer your customers’ top of mind question “wiiFM, what’s in it For Me?, everyone’s favourite radio station” ~ Zig Ziglar. For that message to be compelling you must also become a trusted authority that will create an emotional connection with your customer.

Market – Message to Market Match

You must also laser target your market, so you are not wasting your time with the wrong prospect? We call this message to market match.

Your Offer – Your Procduct or Service

You must also have a product or service that your customer wants. There is a simple rule in marketing. Find out what the customer wants and then show them how to get it.

Media – Communicating Your Offer

This includes your social media, your website, and your personal interactions through networking. You must make it easy for your customer to find you, so you spend less time looking for them.

Here is what Kerry George, CEO of the Canadian Imperial Business Network, said about our book “On Target, Mastering the Four Pillars of Business Success”

“Are you looking for marketing answers for your business? Rick and David have identified some compelling and profitable answers. Walk with them through the Hero’s Journey and learn how this fascinating story telling method would be a great way to promote your offering. Learn the techniques of advertising geniuses that have been used throughout this last century. Put together your own powerful unique selling proposition and change the bottom line of your business this year!”

Here is what Spike Humer, CEO, Spike Humer Enterprises, former COO of The Jay Abraham Group said.

“On Target serves as the business blueprint for sustainability, scalability and durability in any economy, in any environment, in any industry. The book is the right message at the right time for every business owner who wants to connect with and convert their prospects into buyers and their customers and clients into long-lasting transactional relationships.”

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