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Does This Sound Like You?

  • You try all sorts of SEO tactics
  • You become a slave to social media or
  • You spend a fortune on PR, a marketing ninja, or an SEO “expert”

But it’s still not enough

and worse you may have a stressed outseeking feeling you're throwing money down a black hole!

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Your Missing Link for Building Your Brand

Where, whether you run a small Mom n’ Pop store or a multi-million-dollar corporation, the business that wins is the one with the strongest brand — the most visibility — in the area.

In other words, how well known is your brand in your town or city?

If more people were to become aware of you, what kind of impact would that have on your business?

In his book The Kardashian Principle, celebrity expert Jeetendr Sehdev wrote:

“The Kardashian’s stunning popularity represents a seismic shift in the way ideas catch on and how people, products, and services can capitalize on this change to build stronger, more intimate connections with consumers.”

Well, the answer is simple. The most successful brands in the world are omnipresent (present everywhere... your prospects are)

Think about it. Your customers are overwhelmed with hundreds of advertising messages every single day. Everyone is putting out more content and making a lot of noise. This is making it harder to stand out online and get people to buy into you and your business. That is why you must aim to be everywhere. The more messages and mediums you control, the more power and reach your marketing will have.

Well, there’s an old way, which is the way that you’ve probably been taught.

So, the old way of doing things — and you see people teaching this all the time — is to say:

- If you want to grow, you need a Facebook page.

- If you want to grow, you need to be on Instagram. You’ve got to be posting your pictures, posting your videos, commenting on other people’s posts.

- If you want to grow, you’ve got to have a great Twitter feed. You need to be “tweeting” two, three, four times a day.

- You need to have a YouTube channel, where you’re posting videos every single week.

- Oh, and you need to have a great blog. You’ve got to be producing quality, long-form content for your audience… regularly.

- And if you want to get traffic to your blog, you need SEO. Which means you need to build some backlinks.

Do all this stuff and then maybe… eventually… by some random act of God… you’ll get more customers.

Tell me, does this make any sense to you?

The New Way

… is remarkably simple.

Imagine Hootsuite or Buffer on Steroids for immediate HIGH IMPACT visibility to YOUR ideal prospect.

You don’t need a blog, you don’t need a huge social media following, you don’t need tons of content.

This process can replace all these things.

I want you to imagine that you could immediately leverage hundreds of major brands.

This includes over 300 huge sites like:

ABC, CBS, Fox News, NBC, YouTube!

What Does This Mean for You?

Leveraging the visibility of Big Brands...

✔️ Ensures that people searching for the products and services you offer are highly likely to see you.

✔️ Is extremely powerful because if your customers miss an important bit of content in one format, they are more likely to see it if you repeat it again but in a different format, in a different location.

✔️ Takes advantage of their pre-existing authority and audiences. Remember, authority is the key to getting the traffic you need.

✔️ Just like a megaphone can amplify your voice with no additional effort, this process amplifies your authority so you can increase your visibility online and drive more traffic to your local business website.

So, which strategy would you prefer?

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So, at this point, you may be wondering how we leverage these brands.

Well, the graphic below, offers some insight into how this process works.

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P.S. Remember BRAND VISIBILITY is the key to creating an improved reputation, more business, sales, profits and for more customers, clients, or patients... you love to work with and who become your raving fans!